How To Increase Constituent Trust with Digital Services

Thursday, June 22, 2023 | 11 am EST

“Transparency, ease, and accessibility are top factors in building customer trust in government.” (Salesforce Connected Government Report)

Are you providing your residents the right digital experience to earn their trust? 

Join our webinar presented by our partner, MCCi, to learn about the benefits of implementing digital services to enhance citizen experience, build public trust, and drive revenue growth.

Hear from the Washington State Housing Finance Commission, the City of Salem, VA and Irving, TX about how they’ve leveraged digital services to improve their operations and drive revenue growth.

You’ll leave with ideas for enhancing your digital service offerings and improving citizen satisfaction.


  • Rising expectations in Citizen Experience (CX)
  • Relationship between public trust and digital service
  • Success Spotlight: Washington State Housing Finance Commission delivers CX delight with Laserfiche and Salesforce
  • Success Spotlight: City of Salem adds digital services that drive revenue
  • Success Spotlight: Irving, TX centralizes and takes public records request process online
  • Q&A

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Presenter: Nathan Whicker, Lead Solutions Architect, MCCi

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Give us 15 minutes and you'll know if we're right for you.

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