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We Couldn’t be More Happy with our Decision

I couldn’t be more impressed with the responsiveness of the team, overall functionality of the product, and completeness of the services offered by ThinkGard. Before we started utilizing their services, our company was still backing up to tape with our lead technician taking the previous day’s tape home with him as “off-site storage”. After researching a wide range of on-premises technologies and hosted service providers, our organization decided to go with the team at ThinkGard. We couldn’t be more happy with our decision. ThinkGard was able to forever eliminate our dependency on unreliable backup tapes and store all of our mission critical data in the cloud over a single weekend. Bonus points awarded for writing a new Business Continuity Plan for us and supporting our Linux infrastructure, too.

Chris Jones
Director of Information Technology
Signature Homes

I Can Sleep at Night

Because of YOU, the City of Orange Beach can now virtualize its main-server infrastructure, future-proofing our enterprise, securing our data with the latest technology, allowing us to confidently inform our constituents that their intellectual property is safe and letting Department Heads know that IT has done everything within its scope to minimize their downtime. Because of YOU, I can sleep at night knowing the City’s data is protected both on site and off site, while confidently reporting to our Telecommunications Committee, the Mayor and City Council the continuity of government has been secured.

Rauf Bolden
Director of Information Technology
City of Orange Beach, Alabama

Technological Capability with a Caring Team

ThinkGard has collected and combined into a seamless system that which is best about various traditional backup systems. ThinkGard covers the most mundane tasks of a backup system by allowing you to simply restore a single file that got inadvertently deleted through traditional incremental backup and recovery tools.

The same reliable system is also able to utilize local hardware virtualization to completely ramp up a backed up server on your network in those rare cases where you completely lose an entire system to some catastrophic failure. The entire system is completely replicated and functional in the “cloud” so that even if you were to lose an entire location your information would remain safe and accessible.

When you couple that breadth of technological capability with a caring service team, you end up with a backup system that simply works!

Randy Krueger
IT Director
Central State Bank

The Best Fit

After years of relying solely on tape backups and never having a Disaster Recovery or a Business Continuity plan we decided on ThinkGard’s hybrid appliance/cloud solution as the best fit for Lauderdale County. As the only employee in the IT department, having ThinkGard not only as a vendor but also a partner in our backup, disaster recovery and business continuity plan will be a valued asset. ThinkGard’s solution to the “what if” allows us the capability to recover quicker and more efficiently if something bad was to happen.

Randy Chester
Director of Information Technology
Lauderdale County Alabama

Implemented and Tested

Just wanted to drop you a line after speaking with our KPMG auditor this morning, he read over our DR policy and plan and made the comment that it looked “theoretical” we said no it’s been implemented for a year and has been tested several times. We showed him the portal and he was blown away. Another compliment to your awesome work! Thanks for all you do!

N. W.
IT Director
Corporate HQ of a 300+ Location Restaurant Franchise

A Team that Delivers

Your words of providing more to customers than hardware and software was tested. I, for one, can say that you are a team that delivers exactly what you say, and more! Thanks for your partnership!

Kevin Overlaur
Director of Information Technology
Vulcan Value Partners

Zero Tolerance for Downtime

We have zero tolerance for downtime. I have been very happy with your service and product. Kevin is incredible. Thanks for all the help and for helping me be able to sleep at night.

Tom Cattell
VP of Information Technology
Alabama Eye Bank

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